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About Us

Innovation and respect is what defines us at 365 Care Homes. Founded in 2015, our homes have quickly become a trusted provider of exceptional care. We pride ourselves on our innovative use of modern technology, combined with a team of highly skilled and compassionate staff. Our commitment to meeting and exceeding regulatory standards ensures the highest level of care and safety for our residents. With a warm and inclusive environment, we prioritise our residents’ well-being, comfort, and dignity. From personalised care plans to engaging activities, we strive to enhance their quality of life. Families can trust us to provide exceptional care for their loved ones, and we are proud to be a part of their care journey.

365 care homes
Our Homes

365 care homes
Our Services

We provide exceptional care, tailored services, nutritious meals, engaging activities, and a supportive community for our cherished residents. Discover the comfort and care you deserve.

Care for Elderly

We prioritise the unique needs of elderly residents, offering compassionate care, personalised plans, nutritious meals, and other specialised services.

Care for Adults with mental health needs

We understand the unique challenges faced by individuals with mental health needs. Our compassionate staff, specialised care plans, and therapeutic environment offer holistic support for improved mental well-being and recovery.

Dementia Care

We specialise in delivering exceptional care for individuals with dementia. Our experienced staff, memory care expertise,  and nurturing environment ensure the highest level of comfort, dignity, and well-being for our residents.

Respite Care

Our care homes offer respite care for caregivers in need of a break. We provide compassionate care, comfortable accommodations, and engaging activities in a safe and supportive environment.

Personal care

We pride ourselves on delivering personalised care that honors each individual’s dignity, independence, and wellbeing. Our experienced team ensures tailored support and meaningful engagement to enhance the quality of life for our residents.

Palliative Care

We offer heartfelt palliative care for residents. Our compassionate staff, and nurturing environment provide comfort, dignity, and unwavering support during this delicate time.

365 care homes
Our Values

We aim to provide excellent services. By listening to our staff and clients we use feedback to continually improve, ensuring the quality of care exceeds your expectations.

We believe you deserve to receive the best care provided by a skilled team who share our values. In turn, we value our staff and invest in their learning and development to ensure you receive care by a consistent team.

Everyone is different and everything we do is about choice. This means we work with individuals to create personalised care, whether it’s for an hour a day or 24 hours a day.

We celebrate and promote diversity at every level within the organisation. Our strategic client committee ensures that our clients make a real contribution to the organisation and make recommendations for future improvements.

We aim to ensure we remain financially sustainable and can continue to invest in new and innovative services for our future.


We’re proud to care for so many residents

Our ongoing success of 365 Care Homes LTD, hinges on the team of staff in each home. All of our managers are committed to providing the same standards of care as I am, and this is reflected in the popularity of our homes.
Iroshan Sanaji
Managing Director & Provider
365 Care Homes LTD challenges expectations of what a care home must be. We have set new standards in modernised care. For us, it’s all about providing outstanding, compassionate and professional care for our residents.
Dasith Sarathchandra
Operations Director

Our Mission

The aim of our Care Homes are to provide exceptional care, fostering a warm and inclusive environment where residents thrive. Our mission is to deliver personalised care which encompasses Social, Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual needs whilst promoting values such as Individuality, Choice, Privacy, Independence, Dignity, Respect and Partnership. 

Our Staff

Our dedicated staff at the care home are compassionate, skilled, and experienced in providing quality care for our residents. They work tirelessly to create a warm and nurturing environment, promoting residents’ well-being, safety, and dignity. Their commitment and expertise are the heart of our care home. 

365 care homes
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